Thursday, February 9, 2012

Slow middles

At first glance, today's studio photo doesn't look substantially different from the photo I featured Monday.
A peek inside those baggies, however, reveals slow but substantial progress.
Woo hoo!  They're beginning to look like harnesses!


  1. Hey Jennifer, this is pretty neato because I'm making a harness too. Except I'm stuck on the backpad (saddle) and it will probably be the last part to be made. Congrats on making 2 nice pads!

  2. You deserve a lot of the credit, Sue. I have used your Guide as a reference for every single harness I've ever made, up to and including these. I have a draft horse harness coming up soon, and that's something I've never made before. You can be sure your book will be next to me the whole time, guiding me through the process!

  3. wow! They look amazing!! may I ask, where did you get the hook things from that go on the top of the saddle between the terrets??

  4. I made those by hand. They started out as eye pins which I purchased in the jewelry making section of <a href=">Hobby Lobby</a>.