Saturday, February 4, 2012

Special delivery

The Denver area was hit by a huge winter storm yesterday that buried us under a foot and a half of snow.
The city doesn't have the manpower or funds to plow small residential streets like mine, and road conditions were bad enough that most people were happy to stay home anyway.  Most people--but not my mail carrier!  I can't tell you how happy I was to see him come slipping and sliding down the road today.
That's because, once again, I knew he was bringing me something special! 
This is Raconteur.  He is a Brigitte Eberl Spago resin painted by Sheryl Liesure. 
This same sculpture was also used to create the Peter Stone Half Passing Warmblood.  That's a model I've always wanted to add to my herd, so this guy is a very welcome addition.
And you know, I actually think I like the resin better.  He seems a bit more finished somehow, especially in the hind end!
The snow has finally stopped and the sun is peeping through the clouds.  With any luck, the roads will be just fine tomorrow.  For now, I'm perfectly content to stay home and admire my new pony!


  1. Ooh, he is lovely! Those dapples are so yummy. I am so jealous that everyone is getting snow - here in Portugal it's freezing, but we don't have any snow! Not even rain, meh. :(

  2. He's beautiful! Never seen one of these guys before :-)

  3. Ooh I am jealous! I love Sheryl Leisure's bays and have always lusted over this guy on her website. Congrats on another gorgeous addition to your showstring!

  4. Thanks, everyone. I feel so fortunate that people are willing to trade their beautiful models for my tack!


  5. OMG, poor guy in an LLV! LOL. At least my car can get some traction though the time we got 22" of blowing drifting storm hung me up and we were called back in. I was very grateful as I had to dig myself out three times that morning and there was no way I was digging a mile of road either direction in the middle of nowhere to get out!!

    And I'm talking of delivering mail (for those who may read and not know)

    GORGEOUS horse!!! (falls over!)

  6. Some of these small residential streets are so bad I really do not know how the mail carriers are able to make it through their entire route. Those guys (and girls!) are TOUGH!

  7. ooooohhhhhh! squeee!!! I love him! I want one now! Lucky you have snow. :( here in Central New york, we have grass.

  8. Gorgeous boy! You have hard-core mail carriers!

    ~Emily Dunnan

  9. What a beautiful model! Sheryl does amazing dapples. Congrats!

  10. He's so beautiful!