Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here's something most people don't know about Colorado--we may get a lot of snow, but it doesn't last very long.  Today the sun came out and all that snow began to melt.  We decided that we'd better not wait even one more day before visiting our favorite neighborhood sledding hill.
We had a great time sledding,
and wiping out.  
All of which reminds me--there is another type of sledding that I would absolutely love to try, and wouldn't you know, it involves a horse!
All you need is a little bit of snow, a reliable horse,  a lunge line...
and a sled.
Squee!  Doesn't this look like fun?  I wonder if Trillium would be amenable? 
It would also make a most excellent Other Performance set up.  I can totally picture Emma rocking the performance ring with a horse mule sledding entry!
Many thanks to Dom who writes the excellent A Collection of Madcap Adventures blog for allowing me to use her photos.  Be sure to check out the horse sledding post for more pictures of this super fun winter event!


  1. I can remember doing this with my horse Angel in the early 70s. I tied a rope thru the back cinch slot of my saddle when the neighbor kid had a saucer. I had no control over where it was going, but fun was had.

  2. If I had grown up somewhere other than Southern California, I'm sure I would have done this during my brave/crazy teenage riding years. Alas, the utter and complete lack of snow prevented me from experiencing this particular equestrian pursuit!

    I might joke about doing it now, but in all honesty, I realize that I am 20 years too old. An afternoon of plain old regular snowing just about did me in. I back and legs are so sore from tromping up and down that hill!

  3. It's SO much fun. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

  4. My mother did this with me and my friend many moons ago. The horse was a rockstar putting up with the runner sled being dragged up the local path/sidewalk.

    BTW, your NEVER too old to do this IMO!!

  5. When I was a teenager my Mother had a marvelous Appaloosa stallion called Bootlegger. We used him to pull a 3 foot toboggan to feed the stock around the yard.We also pulled kids around the yard.
    He was a very smart horse and he learned how to swing the toboggan in an arch and hit an anthill like a was amazing how high the toboggan would fly...and yes how high the "Victim" on the toboggan would fly OFF the toboggan, I was certain I heard subtle horse laughter! Its a wonderful way to spend time with your horses on nice winter days! Thank you for reminding me!rlar

  6. horse sledding looks like so much fun! Too bad I live in the desert. :)

    ~Emily Dunnan