Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun with tack

Oh, I just love it when customers send photos of their horses wearing BCS tack!
This Spanish presentation halter was part of Kellye Bussey's Copra mare set.  Despite my best efforts, I was unable to get a good photo of it before I mailed if off.  Because of that, I was extra pleased to receive these pictures from Kellye today. 
The halter was made to fit Brigitte Eberl's Andalusian mare resins, but it looks great on Kellye's new custom Stage Mom.  And that Stage Mom...  She was customized by Sue Kern of Sakori's Customs Studio.  Isn't she wonderful?!
Thanks, Kellye.  You made my day!


  1. Wow - what a great CM! I thought it was an Esperanza from the head shot - love what she did with the mane & tail - and those dapples!

  2. Now that's a cool CM idea! Love the halter too :)

  3. You know I'm in love with this model! Yummy!

  4. how did you done the browband? :0