Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I did

Just a little more than a year ago, I posted a list of four hobby goals for the year 2010.  Today I decided to revisit that list to see how I did.

1. No more backlog--seriously!
Seriously, I didn't even come close to meeting this goal.  I still have a backlog.  I am beginning to think I will always have a backlog.  I perhaps have a little bit less of a backlog than I did at this time last year, but that's not saying much.

2. Greater productivity through better organization
I may have failed miserably at meeting my first goal, but I did pretty well on this one.  While "clean and organized" may not be the first words you would think of upon entering my studio, the space has remained functional and relatively uncluttered.  I love having a dedicated work area, and I think my productivity has improved as a result.

3. Making time for fun
I only made it to three live shows, all of which were in the state of Colorado.  However, I greatly enjoyed each one of those shows.  Devilish Kokopelli Live is always wonderful, and it was so much fun having Tiffany come stay with me for the Redline Revival Performance Edition.  Still, I think it was the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous weekend that was the most memorable.  Despite my packing mishaps, that was forty eight hours full of friends, fun and plastic horses.  What could be better?

4. Blogging, blogging, blogging
There's no doubt about this one.  This is my 344th post of the year.  I am clearly a blogging champion!  And you know, with three of my four goals met, I kind of feel like a winner all the way around.  Thanks to everyone who's been a part of my hobby year!


  1. Sounds great! Good job and good luck with next year's goals.
    Hey, do you think you could do a blog on how to make English saddle panels?

  2. Hi Alex--Panels are pretty simple. The consist of three parts. The innards are tooling leather which make up the bulk and shape and felt felt which makes them a bit soft and squishy. Once those pieces are assembled and shaped, I cover them with sheepskin skiver and glue them onto the bottom of the saddle.

  3. I think you can be fairly satisfied with your achieved goals of this year! Thank you very much for sharing it with us! I also thank you for the brief description of making the English saddle panels! Best wishes and A Happy New Year to you, your family and blog visitors! Doreen from Germany

  4. I think you did really well. I'll work on you more so you can hit more than three shows ;)co

  5. Sounds like a great year to me! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this year. It inspired me to do a bit better with my blog...not much though.

  6. I have definitely enjoyed you meeting your blogging goal! Thanks for your hard work and here's to next year.

  7. Felt, like regular craft felt? Hmmm...sounds very simple to me! Thanks, I need to experiment with that. I've always made "stuffed" panels...ugh, so much work and very easy to mess up and get frustrated! P.S. I'm sorry if you replied to the other post I made, I never was able to find which blog post I commented on!

  8. Looks like regular craft felt here:

    Sounds like making panels is relatively simple in theory (if not in practice lol).

  9. BeccaG is right on both counts. It's just plain old craft felt and panels are simpler in theory than practice. I have been making them more or less the same way for YEARS, but I still don't think I've got the pattern quite worked out. It's getting close, but the fine tuning goes on and on!

  10. You are indeed a blogging champion! I love coming to check your blog as there's always something new to read. Keep up the good work!