Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anne's Western bridle

Next time someone tells me that I can choose the type of bridle, I think I'm going to opt for something a little less labor intensive.  I have been tying Spanish ring knots for hours!
It turned out nice, but I just realized that I forgot the "Chicago screws" down at the bit ends.  I also think that bit could use a some reshaping...  I guess it's back to the work desk for me!


  1. Hours of knots, yes, but it looks so delightful!

  2. It looks lovely! Some day I'll figure out how to tie those knots, sigh....
    I'm sure Anne will be thrilled with her set!

  3. Oh WOW! That is the coolest western bridle I own (and I have a couple of nice ones). The whole set is amazing Jenn I am just thrilled and can't wait to play with it.