Sunday, September 19, 2010

RMR miscellaneous show pictures

How many pictures did I take at last weekend's Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show? I lost count somewhere around three hundred... Even for me, that is too many! I have grown weary of editing them all so this will be the last batch.

This is my good friend Teresa Buzzell judging the tough OF China and Resin Arabian class.
Yay! My Amankhar resin gets a NAN card!
A very nice China Ravenhill.
Moving over to the custom ring, look at this beautiful customized Stone weanling by Sheila Anderson Bishop. So cute!
Sandy Lyle's customized Cigar. This upper level dressage horse was resculpted by Sarah Isherwood and painted by Deb Loveless.
Another one of Sandy's lovely customs.
Two Buxton customs on the callback table. The palomino Flash was created by Cindy Evans. The grey PAM is a Judy Rene Pope piece.
The rest of the custom callback table. I think the look on Karen Gerhardt's face is familiar to everyone who's ever judged a live show--How I am supposed to pick just one?!!This is the one she eventually chose. He is a Breyer Alboroza that was painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Yashka Hallein's table--her China collection is to do for!
Jennifer Scott always brings an in progress piece to work on during the show.
This mustang mare is designed to be a companion piece for Jenn's Sencillo resin.
She has a lovely feminine face. I can't wait to see this one when she's finished!
Sheila Anderson Bishop judged the Stone divisions with a little help from her dog, Tex. I love the fact that he had his dog bed right under the show table!
Tex is such a good dog. He is calm and quiet and never ever lets Sheila out of his sight.
I must have taken a dozen pictures of him over the course of the day, but I think this is my favorite. Poor Tex, he looks so bored!
And that's that. No more show pictures for a while--I promise!!


  1. Aw... I was enjoying them!

  2. I love seeing all your show pictures. The give me ideas for my own setups and customs, and they are just a ton of fun to look at. So many different variations of the same type of horse or event. And I love that sculpture! She looks wonderful, but I might be biased because I am huge fan of Jenn's work. Never hesitate to share any pictures, I love seeing them.

  3. And you left out the really *good* blackmail ones!

  4. Thank you both, Anon's. I do need to hear that people like the pictures since this sort of post rarely gets a lot of comments. Teresa, the other pictures might still surface. After all, they really aren't SHOW photos, ya know?

  5. Looking at someone else's show pictures is the next best thing to actually attending a show. It's always fun to see, especially when it's not a show from your area - you get to see all new stuff!

  6. Soo...

    are you going to post some more...?

  7. Lol, I'm glad she didn't post the "blackmail" ones! She's probably got a few to hang over my head. ;) Thanks for only posting the "prettier" ones, Jen! *Much* appreciated!