Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mystery saddle

Taking a break from RMR pictures today to share some photos that were sent to me by a reader.Brenda writes: I bought this saddle at an auction. I thought it might be Native American, but now not too sure. Can anyone help me to identify what kind of saddle this is, how old, and if it has value? Think I can take it to the Antique Road Show???
I don't know the answer to any of her questions, but perhaps someone here might.
Please post your thoughts and theories in the comments section!


  1. Maybe it could be the middle/seat part of an old arbic saddle? Like this just not that fancy

  2. I wouldn't have thought of that on my own, but I think you might be on to something, Shanti. There is a definite similarity. I wonder what else was in the auction?

  3. The saddle reminds me of an old Turkish saddle (at least its seat part) which can be seen here:

    Maybe it´s an oriental saddle (piece)?

    Greetings, Doreen from Germany

  4. It`s me again, Doreen. I have another idea - what about a camel saddle?

    The rigging looks similar to me...

  5. What a beautiful piece! It would be wonderful to own something like this!

  6. This saddle looks to be of Northern Africa... Arab or Morrocan or Ethiopian. It is very much in that style. Maybe from about the 40's?

  7. Keren Gilfoyle-McGroartySeptember 15, 2020 at 10:14 AM

    My first reaction is that this is Middle Eastern of some description - I’ve seen similar woven and embroidery designs on camel bags, etc from Egypt on eastwards (greater Arabia). And it doesn’t look like a camel saddle - they are primarily wooden in construction, with soft pads underneath and on top, so it does appear to be for some kind of equine.

    Unfortunately, modern (as opposed to ancient!) Middle Eastern artefacts (including clothing) are massively under-researched and under-recorded, so there aren’t any references (certainly not in English) for saddlery available, either on t’interweb, or in print, even :(