Friday, September 10, 2010


In just over an hour, I'll be heading up to Grand Lake for this weekend's Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show. Grand Lake is a historic mountain town located some three hours from my home. I'm riding--and rooming--with Teresa which promises to be a ton of fun. However, it's also causing me packing stress... Do you think I'll be able to fit all this into the back seat of Teresa's car?
I certainly hope so! It's been a struggle just to get to this point. Last night I packed the big box of resins. Then I realized I forgot a few so this morning I had to start to start all over. Poor Vulcan and Dhaulagiri! They didn't make the second cut.
Neither did any of these nice customs. Sigh. So many horses, so little space.
I really want to win a trophy horse, so hopefully I chose the right models. Either way, you'll hear all about it on Sunday or Monday!


  1. If you don't win one in performance I'll be surprised! What you have shown us lately has been wonderful tack. Good luck and can't wait to see photos when you return. Have fun!

  2. And it all fit...almost ;)

  3. Well, the clothes would have fit... It wasn't because of space issues that they were left behind!