Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Show prep

If I don't do well in the performance division at this weekend's Rocky Mountain Rendezvous show, it won't be for lack of trying. In the past few days I have made bridles...and boots.
I've painted spots on dogs...
and stripes on poles.
I've even put together a bunch of spiffy documentation.
Whew--this being organized thing is a lot of work. Here's hoping it will be worth it on Saturday!


  1. Well, as we both have the same goal in mind, I know that neither of us will fail due to lack of trying or prep. :)

    And I think Tiffany's pink fetish is rubbing off on you :)

  2. The Dalmatian turned out very nice!

  3. Teresa, you might be right about the pink. At the very least, I admit that I feel compelled to add a little pink to every set-up that contains a Purdy horse (or mule!). When you consider how many Purdy horses I own... Well, that's a lot of pink!

    Jane, THANKS! I am really pleased with the Dalmatian. It was originally supposed to be part of my foxhound pack, but Trashy really wants a Road Trials set-up for the Other English class so it got spots instead!

  4. Jennifer, beautiful work! That bridle is delicious, and your Dalmatian is a great looking carriage dog. Have fun and good luck! -Laurel