Friday, September 24, 2010

Kim's WEG Diorama Project jump

Of all the amazing pieces featured in the Breyer WEG Dioramas, this jump by Kim Haymond and her mother just might be my favorite.
Kim writes: We were very honored to be asked to build one of the cross-country jumps. Robin and Breyer wanted a jump with the dry-built limestone walls that are so typical of that area of Kentucky to pay tribute to the Kentucky Horse Park. We built a jump that has been a staple on the Rolex course for a number of years.
It showcases not only the dry built stone walls
but also has 2511 handmade in-scale flowers
and a built from scratch gazebo complete with asphalt shingle roof and five hanging geranium plants.
The flowers are a mix of paper (hand punched and shaped, the laser cut sets are too expensive for the quantities we needed!), clay, and plastic.
They were by far the most time consuming part of the jump. We started working on the flowers in February and worked on them steadily for the next five months, with a lot of 8-10 hour days spent making flowers. Just assembling one hanging geranium pot took 8 hours! It's definitely a project that will never be replicated.
Building this jump took well over 500 hours (we lost track after that... ) and we're very proud of it. The completed diorama is 3 feet by 4 feet, and will have a one-of-a kind Flash model tacked up with doll approaching the right side fence.
Just for comparison sake, here's a look at the real jump Kim and her mother used for reference:
Absolutely amazing work, ladies!  You have outdone yourselves and set an impossibly high standard for propmakers everywhere!

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  1. Wow... that is amazing!! I love the detail of the flowers. They look so realistic. I think that if I had seen only the picture of the hanging basket, I'd think it was real.