Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend show report

Many thanks to Kellye Bussey for sending today's pictures. These were taken at yesterday's BYO show which was held in Bolivar, Texas. First up is one of Kellye's many custom Alborozos. This one is competing in a dressage class wearing a BCS saddle and a Corinne Ensor/Shoebox Saddlery bridle and pad. Kellye's Freedom resin won the saddleseat class with a complete set of BCS tack and a doll by Sheri Wirtz.
This hunter pace entry features tack by a variety of artists. I made the saddle and breastplate on the Appaloosa and Corinne Ensor made his bridle. The saddle on the bay was made by Susan Dolittle. Kellye can't remember who made his bridle.
Saving the best for last--here is Kellye's Charro set which I made earlier this year. The doll was dressed by Joan Yount and the Alboroza was customized by Mindy Berg. What a beautiful entry!
Congratulations Kellye and thanks once again for sending pictures!


  1. Kellye always have lovely entries. Your tack just makes them better!!!

  2. Those are some really nice entries!

    One quick question: If you do a setup like the hunter pace one, does it count as two models or one entering that class? Do you need tags on one or both models?


  3. At a NAN Qualifying show, only one horse per entry is judged. The other horse or horses are considered props and won't be tagged or listed in the results.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Right. The second horse is a prop horse. He is judged as "part" of the entry so needs to be correct, but doesn't earn an official placing or NAN card. We don't use tags at this show but if we did, only the horse I wanted judged (in that picture it was the first horse) would be tagged.

  5. Ok, thank you both! That's what I thought but I just wanted to make sure. :)