Saturday, July 3, 2010

Officer Joe

I am still working away at my NAN Auction donation, but it continues to be slow going. I have given myself a Tuesday deadline to get this finished and mailed off. I think that's a reasonable goal, but it's going to be close! Fortunately, my partners in this project are more organized than I am. Here are some pictures of their contributions to Lot #14 in the NAMHSA 15th Anniversary Party Auction This is Officer Joe. Joe is a Breyer doll that was customized and dressed by my friend Jane Schneider of Glyn Haven Studios. Joe wears a leather belt that is accessorized with a walkie-talkie, removable sidearm, handcuffs, ammo clip and pepper spray.
In addition to his regular patrol gear, Officer Joe comes with the following extras--a second helmet with safety shield, high visibility vest and knee protectors.
Jane's books are closed, so this is a rare chance to get one of her wonderful dolls.
This set also includes a police barrier made by another Colorado artisan, Jerry Lynn Rice.
Bidding is open for this and all the other auction lots. Be sure to stop by the NAMHSA website for more information.


  1. I really like this detailed and friendly looking guy and I can`t wait to see him in conjunction with your fabulous police horse tack set!

    *wants to make a police horse set as well if she has the time*

    Doreen from Germany (where it is very hot as well)

  2. Officer Joe is kind of in a "heeeeeey ladies, how YOU doin?" pose in that first photo. It's making me giggle!

    Watch out, Brenda(s)!