Friday, July 30, 2010

Horse therapy

Huge thanks to everyone for the response to my last post. Your kind words were greatly appreciated and have been a comfort to me during this difficult time.

I wasn't ready to go home to an Abbie-less house Wednesday so I packed a bag and headed north to my friend Trisha's farm in Wellington, Colorado.
I met Trish more than twenty years ago while I was a student at Colorado State University. For three years, I spent nearly every weekend with Trish and her family. The farm became a second home, her family became a second family. Some twenty years have passed, but those feelings remain. I couldn't have asked for a better place to go and heal.
Even without the emotional ties, a horse farm is a great place to go when you're grieving. There is so much to do that it's hard to stay stuck in the self pity mode. I cleaned stalls and turned out horses and generally made myself useful. It helped.
Of course the people probably helped more. Many thanks to Trisha and Chase, Norm and Donna, Cara and Shelby for not just putting up with me but actually making me smile and laugh. It wasn't the best two days of my life, but all things considered, it could have been so much worse!
One of the highlights of my stay was watching Trish put her FEI dressage horse, Surprise, through his paces. I took several hundred pictures and am posting my favorites here.
Such a lovely setting with the lake and mountains in the background!
Piaffe. I love Surprise.
I rode a little bit, too. This is me on Trisha's so-ugly-he's-cute school horse Cyrano.
While in Wellington, I also squeezed in a visit with friend and fellow hobbyist, Sheila Anderson Bishop. What a treat it was to see all her lovely horses up close and personal! This is a Sundance resin that was both sculpted and painted by Sheila.
A few in-progress minis.
Sheila's pony sculpture, also in progress.
My own Starfire resin. I've wanted to own one of Sheila's Appaloosas for such a long time. I am so pleased to have this little beauty in my collection!
I'm home again now, and it is hard. I miss my dog. I expect I'll probably always miss that dog, but I think the worst of it is behind me. Thanks again to all the friends and horses who have helped me over the hump. I really, truly appreciate it.


  1. Glad you had some place to go and friends make it better. *hugs*

  2. You made it better, too, Teresa. Thanks for everything!

  3. Ohhh...I really like that Sundance model.
    Spending time with friends is the best cure for a broken heart, second to that is spending time with horses!

  4. What a beautiful place! I'm sorry the circumstances were tough, but horses, mother nature, caring friends, are all great for the soul.

    When I was having a really, really bad day with some scary health problems, I was crying for hours and just couldn't control it. I finally went out to the barn and hugged Dakota, my 25 year old QH gelding. I cried on his shoulder and the tears finally stopped. I'll never forget that. He comforted me when no one else could.