Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today at the Horse Park

Don't be fooled. This post has nothing to do with NAN or Breyerfest or that other Horse Park...

Today the boys and I attended the Colorado Summer Classic hunter/jumper show at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.
It may not be Lexington, but it's still a pretty nice place to hang out!
In a nod to my former profession, we started our day by visiting the mobile tack shops.
Both boys took a turn on the little Devoucoux. I don't usually let my kids sit on other people's really expensive saddles, but this particular mobile shop is owned by my old boss, so I let them have at it!
Ryan really liked the magnetic paddock boots.
"Look, they stick to the stirrups! Mama, we need these!"
I probably could have spent the whole day catching up with Dave, but the boys got a little bored so we had to move on.
James' favorite part of any horse show is the dogs. This little Jack Russell Terrier was only thirteen weeks old.
Ryan made friends with a horse.
After we'd window shopped, gossipped and petted the animals, it was time to settle in and watch a few classes. This is a Baby Green Hunter Under Saddle Class.
No low headsets here!
Second Year Green Working Hunters.
Children/Adult Jumpers.
The boys did a really good job of behaving and staying interested...
but as we watched round...
after round...
they got a little bit bored.
Oh well, nobody's perfect! It was still a good way to spend a day.
Hope all of you who spent today at that other Horse Park are having just as much fun!


  1. Damn, I'd so trade you days... I spent it trying out easy chairs with the hubby and his parents. We never did find anything we liked that was under $1k...

  2. Well, you *were* invited to come with us! I'm still contemplating the Hunter Derby on Friday. Let me know if you're interested.

  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all. My favorite picture though is the one of them "resting"!

  4. Wow, sounds like you guys had some fun. That Jack Russell is CUTE! My own Jack would be jealous.