Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Stormwatch

Isn't this just about the cutest set ever?Here's how artist Mindy Berg describes "Project Stormwatch": I am proud to introduce “Zephyr”. This guy may not look like it, but Zephyr began life as a feral mustang. You may recognize him as Stormwatch, one of the most highly regarded resin sculptures of this time by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breumig. He was a wild and woolly bear when he came into the studio, and I decided I wanted to tame him. A beautiful sculpture to begin with, I wanted to make mine exceptional and present an unforgettable piece. The vision in my mind was very clear, and so he was transformed from a feral gelding to a domestic equine. First I had to remove his mane and tail, which was no small task for such a fellow so well endowed with hair! In doing so, I had to completely rebuilt his neck, hindquarters, hind legs, fetlocks, pasterns, hooves, and ears. He told me he wanted a child to love him, and true to the nature of a patient child's mount, he wears ribbons in his braided mane and forelock. Each braid was carefully done with a painstakingly hand sculpted ribbon holding the ends. Although tame, he still displays just a tad bit of attitude one would expect from a horse of his beginnings, illustrated perfectly with a little swish in his tail and a notorious red ribbon. To complete the picture of a slightly cranky, older horse, I knew his color had to be just right. An appaloosa would be the only color to totally suit him. I spent hours blending, pastelling, and hand painting his coat to be soft, multi-lateral and in growth patterns suitable of true horse coat patterning. I used many techniques to get his coat color right, and I believe he turned out beautifully. Even his ribbons have many layers and colors to get just the right look of silk. This horse is the only one of it's kind, and it is sure to take the ring by storm. There are so many details on this piece not shown in pictures. Offers are for the horse, rider and tack, and champion ribbon. I have to say, each accessory that goes with this ultimate performance package has been chosen carefully to reflect the high standards of workmanship to be displayed with this piece. Together it is a force to be reckoned with! The doll was customized and dressed by Joan Yount. The tack was made by me earlier this year and includes one of my personal all-time favorite saddles.
This set is for sale. Be sure to check out the "In the Studio" page of Mindy's website or her MH$P ad for more information.


  1. I really love all this set, wish I had about 10k to offer you guys for it! The picture is beautifully done, too. My first show horse was a varnish App and this brings back a lot of memories.

  2. Wow, this is really well done and soooo detailed!