Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flag facts

In honor of the holiday, today's post is all about Flag Code and how it relates to the use of flags in a model horse parade entry.

First and foremost, the United States flag must always be held in the rider's right hand.
When carried in a procession with other flags, the United States flag should be carried on the marching right (that is, the flag's own right). If there is a line of other flags, it may also be carried in the front center of that line.
Click here for more information about the United States Flag Code.
All flags should be secured with a flag carrier. This is a small leather pouch that supports the bottom of the flag pole.
It can be buckled onto either the inside...
or the outside of the stirrup.
Today's photos (except for that of the flag carrier) were taken at the National Western Stock Show Parade held last January in Denver, Colorado. The large group of patriotic riders are members of the Westernaires drill team.
The other riders are part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the US Marshalls Posse.
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Thanks, Jenn. Speaking as the wife of an American Soldier, and as a proud DAR member, I think it is a good thing that we display our flag correctly at all times.

    Here's anotehr good flag etiquette website:

  2. I’m currently riding drill and competing through the organization SEMDTA, so I can verify that all of this holds equally true for most drill teams! The only amendment I would add is that lately many teams have started to favor attaching the flag boot (holder) to the cinch strap of the saddle for better security. As an added bonus, it doesn’t move quite so much while you’re cantering at high speeds.

  3. Good to know and glad to see someone reading these ooooooooold posts!