Monday, April 20, 2009

Trisha's birthday bash

After two long days of snow and sleet, the sun came out and suddenly it was spring again. The timing couldn't have been better for my friend Trisha's Equine-aganza.

Aside from being one of my best friends, Trish is an accomplished dressage rider, teacher and all around do-gooder. For the last several years, she's celebrated her birthday by doing some sort of public service project. This year's birthday was a big one, so she decided her birthday project should be equally impressive.
And it was!

With help from family and friends, Trish organized the Equine-aganza to benefit the Hearts and Horses Therapeutic Riding Center in Loveland, Colorado. I had never heard of Hearts and Horses, but I could not have been more impressed with Trisha's choice. This is an absolutely lovely facility nestled in the foothills of the Rockies. There are two indoor rings and a big outdoor arena.
The horses and ponies of H&H were just as impressive as the property. Every single one of them was the picture of health and happiness.And they were all so cute--just look at this little Appy pony! I wanted to hug her.The Equine-aganza boasted a large and enthusiastic volunteer staff comprised of Trisha's family and friends. Trisha's husband Chase was the official videotaper. Her father, Norm managed the in-gate and held horses.
I collected donations.
Cara worked at the concessions booth.
The silent auction was a big success. That Iron Metal Chief went home to one of the little girls who rode in the demonstrations.And of course, there were lots of horses. Some were big.
Others were small. The demonstrations ranged from upper level dressage,
to kids on ponies.
There was jumping, Arabian costume,
and driving. After the performances, the audience was invited into the ring to meet the horses.There were a lot of happy little girls in that ring...
And I was one happy big girl when they brought out that cute Appy pony for petting. Awww, just look at that sweet pony face! Lots more pictures to follow. I did manage to get good close up shots of all the harness and all four Arab costumes. Hope you enjoyed this photo recap of Trisha's big birthday bash. I can't wait to see what she does next year!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. Thanks for taking Cara.