Sunday, April 5, 2009

Consolation prize

Usually I am delighted to receive a box of resins in the mail, but that was not the case yesterday when my Okie Too resin came home.It had been almost two years since I'd seen this little guy. I'd bought him unpainted and was absolutely delighted when one of my favorite finishwork artists agreed to paint him in exchange for a tack set. I knew she would take a long time, but I had no doubt he would be worth it in the end. Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan. The artist is no longer involved in the hobby and Okie has been sent home with primer but no paint.

He did not come home alone, though. He brought a friend with him.
This Melanie Miller Fly By Wire resin is my payment for the paintwork that didn't happen. There's no doubt I would have preferred the paint, but I really appreciate the artist's efforts to make the situation right. Yesterday I was mostly disappointed about the Okie. Today I'm focusing more on the Fly By Wire. He's a rough casting and his left hind foot doesn't fit into the base. Still, I think there's some interesting potential here... I have so many Thoroughbred resins. Do you think he could pass for an Akhal Teke?

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  1. I bet he could! I wouldn't have thought of it but he is very lean.. You could have a lot of performance fun with him :-)