Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday customizing project

Yesterday's spring storm continued to drop its wet, sloppy snow on us through the night and most of the morning. The skies are finally beginning to clear, but it's been another good day to stay home and work on inside projects.Remember my consolation prize Fly By Wire Resin? This was how he looked when he arrived earlier this month.And here's how he looks now, after having spent most of the day on my worktable. The most obvious change is that he is now freestanding rather than mounted to a base. I've also done some resculpting to his neck and withers. I'm hoping to transform him into a convincing Akhal Teke. Probably I should leave this kind of work to people like Tiffany and Liesl, but I'm hoping that with patience I'll be able to do a passable job on my own. I've long wanted to have an Akhal Teke in my showstring. Unfortunately no one has offered to trade their Khan or Kara Kush for tack, so this guy is just going to have to do for the time being!


  1. He looks fantastic Jennifer! I can't believe how much difference just a little customizing and especially getting him off that base makes. He's going to be a fun performance horse for you.

  2. Thanks Kellye! He still needs some work done to his neck, but he's getting there. I'd never taken anything off a base before and it was surprisingly easy. I do like him much better without it.