Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am a slacker

I hate to admit this, but I haven't worked on my NAN set in almost a week. I got stuck on the cantle/panel join and needed to take a break to think. Thinking always helps, and the good news is that I've seen the error of my ways. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to redo the back of the cantle. I hate taking things apart so I've been procrastinating. I've done a ton of work on my Fly By Wire resin and I've almost finished a dressage saddle, but the poor NAN saddle has been gathering dust on the horse shelf.I wasn't feeling particularly guilty about this until my donation partner, Jane Schneider, posted these pictures to her Yahoo group last night. Not only has she finished the rider doll, but she got ambitious and added a second doll to our endurance package. Now I feel like a total slacker!Here is Jane's description of the dolls: For my doll we both thought NAN colors would be fun so the girl endurance rider sports a purple and white rugby shirt and black riding tights with a purple stripe. Her brown hair is caught back and turned in on itself with the ends left loose. She has purple and black half chaps and a white custom helmet. She also wears a digital watch so she can keep track of her horse's heartbeat in the field if necessary. She comes with a companion doll who can be a handler,an assistant or a vet in a long lab coat. He wears a burgundy and white rugby shirt with jeans and boots,an ID lanyard and another digital watch.
If you haven't had a chance to see one of Jane's dolls in person, let me assure you that they are absolutely top notch. You can view her (in progress) website here: big challenge for me now is to not just finish that saddle, but to make it equal in quality to Jane's part of the package. No small task, but I think I'm ready to stop procrastinating and get back to work!


  1. Just a FWIW--its probably too late--the white lab coat is really a small animal vet thing. I've never seen a vet working a horse event wearing that white coat. I've never seen a vet working with horses in a white coat! Its not practical working with that species--its scary, it gets caught on stuff, and then you have to wash the thing!

    Horse vets generally wear regular clothes--jeans and a polo. The rugby shirt would be fine. Or a set of coveralls. No white coats!!!

    He does need a stethoscope though--they listen to the heart to pick up murmurs and the like that may not be evident with just taking a pulse.

    Those are really nice dolls--and I know not your work--the vet in a white coat thing is one of those myths in the hobby.

  2. I've been guilty of setting up an endurance entry with a white-coated vet doll, but you are absolutely right. I've never seen a really life horse vet wear one. There was one show vet who used to hang out at our mobile shop during shows, and I seem to remember that he dressed like everyone else. Maybe just a touch better (as in a collared shirt rather than a t-shirt) but I never saw him in a coat of any kind. How funny that never occurred to me in regards to model vets!

    I guess the advantage of leaving the coat on is that it does help "tell the story". He looks like a vet even if he looks like the wrong kind of vet!

  3. I wondered about that lab coat too but wanted to make the guy look more 'vet like' so went ahead and made it. If I have time maybe I can do coveralls too. I'll look for a stethoscope :-) Would a hat of some sort help him out?

  4. Jane, I may have an extra stethoscope from the Breyer set. Remind me to look for it. I know I had two of those vet dolls at one point, so it's probably here *somewhere*.

  5. But wait, why isn't the rider doll pink? LOL