Thursday, April 30, 2009

Customer photos

I was hoping to share some pictures of my new Lone Star today, but unfortunately he didn't arrive on schedule. Darn! I didn't have anything else planned so I was extra pleased to find these pictures from Erin Corbett in my inbox. I had the pleasure of visiting Erin's horse room earlier this year. Although she has a great many models I'd be happy to call my own, it was this Hazel that I coveted the most. "Rockette Butt" was sculpted by Morgen Kilborn and painted by Carol Huddleston. Both artists did an amazing job. This is a beautiful model who looks absolutely super in her BCS jumper tack.
Melanie Miller made the nifty Lord of the Rings jump. Isn't it neat?
I can't be certain, but that looks like a Grand Champion rosette to me--yay for Erin and Rockette Butt! I did not make anything in this next picture, but I'm posting it anyway. Here's Rocket Butt in a Western tack set made by Erin. I am a big fan of Erin's work and hope to own one of her parade saddles someday.I love posting customer pictures--please keep them coming!

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  1. Thanks for posting these, Jennifer! Hazel is such a fun horse to show, and not just in english! She can do reining, gaming, and even natural trail if you're creative enough. I can't wait to show her at NAN! :-D