Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sneak peek Teke

Last Saturday I showed you some pictures of my Fly By Wire resin as I began his transformation from sporthorse to Akhal Teke. At that point, I'd successfully removed the horse from his base and had made a good start on the resculpting. He was beginning to look somewhat Teke-ish, but I still had a ways to go towards creating true breed type. Since I do not have a real Akhal Teke to look at, I did the next best thing--I went to Google and started collecting pictures. I have never thought of myself as an Akhal-Teke fan. I'm much more of a pony girl. I like "cute" horses with short, round bodies, big eyes, broad foreheads, little ears and lots of hair.Nothing could be less ponylike than an Akhal-Teke. They are long, angular and narrow with prominent withers, ewe necks and long ears. Their coats are extremely fine and their manes and tails sparse. Their faces have an exotic beauty to them, but they're not cute.So I didn't expect to fall in love with the breed, but that's exactly what happened. Even after I had more than enough pictures to work with, I kept on looking and looking and looking. You do not even want to know how many pictures I saved to my hard drive!Here are the results of that research. This is how my resin Teke looked yesterday when I boxed him up and sent him off to Tiffany.Hopefully the changes are obvious. He has much less neck and his topline has been reduced substantially. Just look at those withers! The roached mane and forelock look seems to be common among Russian and Czech Akhal Tekes, and I chose to go with that look. Not only is it delightfully exotic, but it also makes him completely tack friendly.Sometimes small changes make a big difference. I didn't do much to his face--I lengthened his ears and made his profile a bit less straight--but I think it looks very Teke like now. He may not be a match for Khan, but I'm still pretty pleased with my budget Akhal Teke.
Of course, I couldn't send Tiffany a box without putting a little something in it for her. This is what she gets in exchange for the paintwork.
Oh, that was fun! It had been several months since I'd played with the dremel or the epoxy and I was overdue. Can't wait to see how Tiffany finishes him up!

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  1. Those little changes did a lot! He looks fun and cool!