Friday, February 13, 2009

Surprise package

Even though I check the new listings on MH$P several times a day, my hobby related purchases have been almost nonexistent for the past several months. In fact, other than tack making supplies and three pairs of Jana Skybova's sale priced bell boots, I have bought nothing at all in 2009.

So it was a real surprise yesterday when the mailman brought me a box. I couldn't imagine what was in it, and I was even more confused when I saw that it was from my friend Jean. Jean was one of my first hobby friends and I've known her for more than twenty years, but she's not someone I usually get boxes from.

This is what was in it:
Hmmm... looks like someone was spring cleaning! And ya know, I am delighted to inherit this random selection of leather scraps, half completed tack projects, and really old Rio Rondo saddle patterns. If anyone else comes across a similar stash they don't want--please feel free to send it my way.

Thanks, Jean, that totally made my day!

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