Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing hookey

I had planned to spend today working on a pair of Pebbles scale bridles. That seemed like a do-able goal last night, and I had every intention of getting them done in record time. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning still weary from the previous days' event saddle marathon. I had absolutely no desire to sit down and work on tack. The weather was nice and it seemed like a much better idea to spend my day outside with real horses.

So that's what I did.This is why I don't often take pictures of us actually riding. The indoor ring is nice but it's also dark and dusty.I rode Punky first and then handed him over to his mama, Fran. Fran is the only person I know who rides in Crocs.This picture cracks me up. Punky is the kind of pocket pony who likes to be hugged. I don't know why he looks so cranky here.The barn dogs, Cue and Corona, keep an eye on us while we're in the ring.Cara and Allison heading out to the pasture with Cue in pusuit. Cue is a working dog. He doesn't like to miss anything.Fran's Great Dane, Shadow. We stayed a little while after our ride to chat and help turn out some of the other horses. This is one of my favorites--a big warmblood named Hagan.
This is Hagan's sister Triple Chick. She's checking to make sure I don't have any more cookies before she trots off to join her brother.
So, that's how I spent my day. I'll get to those bridles tomorrow--I promise!!


  1. Great photos! That first little chestnut is gorgeous! Have you had the chance to try the loose ring french link bit?

  2. The little chestnut is an older Arab mare named Allison. She's a real sweetheart!

    I've ridden Binky in the French Link once and I think it was ok. Unfortunately he was off that day--not lame, really, but stiff moving and that ride ended up being a short one. Need to give it another try soon!