Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hearts N Horses--Random performance pictures

This will be the last group of photos from last weekend's Hearts N Horses show. I mostly took pictures of the performance divisions I was not judging. Here are two views of the Custom/Resin Western Arena Trail class.A pebbles scale Western horse by D'arry Jone Frank.Marianna's Octopi wearing a Pam Perkins saddle and boots by me.Octopi again with a different saddle and the same boots.
The overall performance champion's reining entry.
Teresa's Red Okie Clay doing in-hand trail.
Mounted orienteering--the rider is holding a compass and has a folded up map in his back pocket.Camp drafting. Australian saddle and bridle by Lauren Islip.
More camp drafting. Very nice mini coon jumping set-up.
This entry depicted a Natural Horsemanship type "Friendly Game."A racing saddle I did not make.
And a racing saddle I did make! This was my donation to the 2008 Hearts N Horses show. It is owned by Laura Skillern and is shown here on her Lonesome Glory custom named Black Gold. I am biased of course, but I thought this was a really nice set-up!
Last, but certainly not least, Dee Whitley's beautiful Roan Lady in her saddleseat tack. She won the class!


  1. Woo hoo, that Australian Camp-drafting saddle was made by me! How did it do?

  2. Yay Lauren! I edited the post so that you would get credit for your lovely tack set. I judged the Other Performance class and it was the winner. I think it was also Reserve Champion of the Other Performance division on the strength of that one win but I could be mistaken.

    Camp drafting is an Australian sport that tests the horse and rider's ability to work cattle. There is a cutting type section and also pattern work where the horse and rider have to herd the cattle around a cloverleaf course. Here's a wikipedia link:

    1. You have the rear boots on wrong,they are not made to be placed over the backside of the ankle and serve no purpose this way.They should cover the inside of the ankle,they are designed to prevent lower leg/ankle injuries should the horse mis-step and the horseshoe/hoof hits the inside of the lower leg/ankle,they are used quite a bit in harness racing,an industry that I worked 30 plus years in.

    2. If your rear boots are supposed to be skid boots they aren't proportioned properly,they're too tall and give the appearance of being shin boots.

  3. I made the doll with the blue shirt in the first picture; I was delighted to hear the entry did so well, too!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! Glad you liked the set, I was pretty pleased with how that one turned out.

  5. wow! i love your website so much! i wish i could make tack like that- i can make good halters for breyer stablemates though = D