Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts N Horses--China pictures

I am back in Colorado and am currently recovering from my short but wonderful trip to Portland. I am completely exhausted so tonight's post is going to be short on words and long on pictures. I took over two hundred photographs this weekend. Here are just a select few from the china divisions.
I don't collect clinkys, and I am not generally tempted by them. However, this show was an absolute feast of gorgeous china horses. It was impossible to not be tempted.
This picture shows just some of Barb Ness's amazing showstring. There were a lot of models that I had never before seen in person. This big drafter is one example,
as is this Royal Worcester thoroughbred.
There were two Knuts in the showring.
Teresa Buzzell was judging the clinky classes and she had a look of pained bliss on her face most of the day. So wonderful to see them all, so difficult to choose a the winners...
Here is just part of the callback table. Would you want to choose just one?
China fans take note--Region One is Clinky Heaven. The China division at NAN this year should be amazing!

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