Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hearts N Horses--Saddle pictures

It may have been a model horse show, but I took nearly as many pictures of the saddles as I did of the horses. Here are some of my favorites.
Oregon is Jennifer Kistler's home state, and I saw several of her saddles over the weekend. This was a special treat for me since I consider Jennifer to be the hobby's best English saddle maker. This particular saddle belongs to Marianna Stepniewski. I took pictures of it from every angle! I love the piping along the seat. That's not something I've attempted to do, but it looks so wonderful that I will have to give it a try.Marianna is also the lucky owner of this lovely Michelle McKinney saddle.
This English sidesaddle belongs to Marianna.
Another English sidesaddle.
Same saddle as above, opposite side.An English type endurance saddle. I think this one might be made by Alicia Miller.
The next two saddles are made by Pam Perkins.
I think Pam has a very nice sense of design as far as the placement of tooling and silver decoration.
Southwest saddle by Emma Loofburrow. Marianna owns this one as well. She has an amazing tack collection!
Stars and streamers saddle by Erin Corbett. There are handstitched stars on the seat.
Another saddle by Erin Corbett. This one has handcarved floral tooling.
There are so many wonderful tackmakers working in the hobby today--I hope you enjoyed looking at these saddles as much as I did!


  1. The english endurance saddle is by Jana Skybova not Alicia. Just want to make sure Jana gets proper credit because she makes some wonderful tack!

  2. Hey Jennifer! That second saddle of mine (the one pictured after the Kistler set on the FCM Palouse) was made by Michelle McKenney.
    Thanks again for coming up and judging!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you in person! :)

  3. I agree that Jana is a wonderful tackmaker, but I checked with her and the endurance saddle is not one of hers.

    Marianna, I edited the post to give Michelle credit for that English saddle. You really do have a most amazing tack collection!

  4. Thank you so much Jennifer - your own work is featured prominently in said collection!!! I think I have 5 saddles and lord knows how many bridles that you've done! :D