Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Two white dogs

For sixteen and a half years, I walked through life with a white dog by my side.
Abbie went everywhere with me.
Together we went boating, caving and camping.
We frequented parties and concerts, visited twenty five states....
and attended more horse shows than either of us could ever count.
She was my first life partner, before Seth.
She laid by my side while I was on bed rest during my first pregnancy and taught my children to love and respect animals.
I can not imagine my life without her. She's been gone eleven years, and I still think about her almost every day.
When I first shared photos of Piper, all my old friends said, "Oh, she looks like Abbie!" 
And she does, at least a little bit.
But let me tell you, Piper is no Abbie. 
Instead, she is one hundred percent herself.
In the six months I have known her, Piper and I have visited five states and attended one horse show.
We've gone to parties and beaches and more stores than we can count.
It's so nice to have another go-everywhere, do-everything dog in my life.
It's so nice to once again walk through life with a white dog by my side.


  1. Happy 6 month anniversary, Piper!
    She is so adorable. <3

  2. It is SO AWESOME to see you with a white dog by your side once again. The orange dogs are fantastic in their own right but I first met you with Abby and it just feels so organically right for you to have another one.

    Piper is welcome on ALL our adventures and in my car whenever :)

  3. Replies
    1. 6 month Piperversary was the original name of this post.