Thursday, October 7, 2021

Lights Out

Every February, I become deeply invested in the creation of several hundred NaMoPaiMo models. 

I truly care about each and every one of them, but still, some are more memorable than others. This year, one of the most remarkable was Julie Ward's Geronimo. Here's the story of his creation as documented by Julie on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page.
February 1: It has begun. Twice actually. He already had a trip to the sink to wash off the first attempt. I didn’t like how the first mix of acrylics was spraying through my airbrush so I changed brands.
February 2: First coat of oils done! 
This is my first time winging it and making my own color palette instead of following a color recipe from someone else.
February 5: Just completed the second coat of oils. Next he will get some light roaning in oils to add some depth and detail to his coat, then the white appaloosa markings in acrylic.
February 10: Phew....this is nerve wracking! My first blanket appy. I have started the right side of him blocking in his white markings. I still have more details to add and his leg markings and face markings. Then of course the whole left side of him. Then many many more layers of the same.
February 15. Finally got to work on him today in the middle of a power outage. We have a borrowed generator hooked up today so I have enough light to paint with!
February 17: My fifth day of no power. Several more layers of white today and started a little pink here and there on heel bulbs, flanks, and muzzle. Very beginnings of base hoof color. I am losing light and can’t see well enough to seal him outside so he’s done for the night. I’m SO over this having no power.
February 18. Details are underway. More importantly; after six days I have power again! It came back on a few hours ago. I’m hoping the hot water heater has had a chance to do it’s thing because I’m headed for a shower!
February 19. Finished!
Julie named him Lights Out and showed him successfully at Breyer Boot Camp and BreyerFest. Then she decided it was time for him to find a new home and graciously gave me first dibs. I didn't have to think twice. 
I have been deeply invested in this horse since before he was even painted. 
Now he's mine.
Thank you so much, Julie. I am absolutely delighted to have Lights Out in my herd.

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  1. So beautiful, what a wonderful addition to your herd.