Saturday, October 16, 2021

Weekend Showcase: Franceyn Dare

There are a lot of reasons why October is the best month: the weather, the colors, the food... and Australian artist's, Franceyn Dare's annual Halloweenie sale.

This year's offerings consist of four custom stablemates, two Halloween themed, two not. The first Halloween horse is Boo.
Boo is a rearing stablemate customized with three dimensional ghosts sculpted into her torso and painted with color shifting paint. 
So cute. So spooky.
The next offering is Shortcake.
I used to ride a horse named Shortcake. She was called that because she was short. 
This Shortcake is short, but she's also literally cake.
Shortcake looks delicious from every angle!
Next up is Tuesday, a vegetarian taco pony.
There just aren't enough words for how much I love this.
I can not.
Franceyn, I have no idea how you come up with these things, but please, please, please never stop.
Finally, there's Slimey.
Slimey is, well, slimey.
He is oozing and dripping slime, and somehow it's amazing.
Seriously, Franceyn. Please never stop.
I know that Boo is sold, but the other three might still be available. Visit Franceyn's Facebook page for complete sales information and more photos. While you're there, please tell her to never stop!

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