Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dawson Butte

For months, Therese and I have been talking about taking the horses for an off property trail ride. Two weeks ago, it finally happened.

Stealth is a retired endurance horse. He hopped into Therese's little trailer like the old pro he is.
So excited!
We took I-25 South to Castle Rock.
We parked, unloaded the horses and saddled up.
We had to tie them to different sides of the trailer because Delilah's antics annoyed Stealth.
So excited!
We mounted and headed out. 
The trail is a well marked five mile loop.
The scenery was classic Colorado.
We made a lot of stops to take photos of each other.
This might be my favorite picture ever of me on a horse.
The horses seemed to enjoy the scenery, too.
Mostly we had the trail to ourselves, but we did cross paths with a couple hikers who were happy to take photos of the four of us.
One of the unique features of Dawson Butte is the cross country jump course. There are over sixty jumps, many of which were small enough for us to tackle. I can't say we did this with much skill, but we sure had fun.
Both horses were good, but Stealth was an absolute rock star.
By the end of the day, my face hurt from smiling so much.
Best ride ever.
Best horse ever.
It's been such a honor to have spent the last three years riding Stealth. I have enjoyed every minute of our time together, and never more so than two weeks ago at Dawson Butte.


  1. All the ((hugs)). Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Oh I'm SO COMING out when it's not fall/winter!!!!

  3. So beautiful, Stealth seams like an awesome horse

  4. Cheek cramps. The ultimate compliment!