Sunday, July 12, 2009

More trot fences

Because I firmly believe there's no such thing as too much reference material, here are a few (!) more pictures of some nice Amateur Owner hunters negotiating the trot fence during their Handy Hunter round.This chestnut horse cantered all the way around the cornerbefore coming down to a trot.
He's a not quite aimed at the jump here.
Steering towards the right side jump (most horses jumped the left side).
He's right in the middle of the jump but it's a bit of an awkward take-off.
This black horse came down to a trot earlier and actually trotted around the corner.
His head is up and tilted which is a sure sign of resistance.
The take-off. Note how close the horses get to the base of the jump and also how tall the jump is in relation to the horse.
Up and over! Don't forget, they should land cantering.This bay horse cantered around the corner looking a bit keen. Sure enough, he did not want to slow to a trot,
and not surprisingly, he did not stay in a trot. Instead he managed to fit in one canter stride right before the fence.Nice jump, though!
Performance showers are welcome to use these pictures for their live show reference cards, but please do not republish them without my permission. I look forward to seeing all your Stone ponies, Cleveland Bays, head down Palooses and Straplesses competing in the hunter ring soon!

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