Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday favorites

Last Saturday was the thirty third annual Southern Model Horse Convention.
Better known as SouthCon, this show is held at Laura Behning's Morgan farm in Covington, Georgia every year on the first Saturday in October.
photo by Christina Riley
Last year's competition was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year entrants were required to be vaccinated so everyone could enjoy a safe, mask-free event in the indoor/outdoor comforts of Laura's barn.
photo by Christina Riley
The competition was fierce. Here are a few of the standouts, as photographed by Laura Behning.
Custom Halter Champion Beauchamp's Flagship owned by Lisa Sents
OF China Champion Gazaal owned by Lisa Sents
Custom Ponies winner, Play Misty for Me owned by Lisa Sents 
Fantasy Class winner, owned and customized by Christina Riley 
Fantasy Class runner-up, Whoa Nellie owned and customized by Stephanie Blaylock
Custom Longears ribbon winners, Roux La La and Toby Dun It owned by Lisa Sents
Reserve Western Performance Champion George owned by Katherine Bone
Huntseat Pleasure class winner Native Lands owned by Katherine Bone
Overall OF Plastic Foals champion Troy owned by Amanda Smith
Ceramic Medallion class winner Reflections owned by Lesli Kathman
Resin Medallions class winner Fruitcake owned by Stephanie Blaylock
OF China Morgan class winner Ashland Erica Owned by Lisa Sents
SouthCon was started back in 1988 as a way to promote Morgans to model horse hobbyists. Usually everyone is given the opportunity to ride one of the Morgans, but this year, Laura's two month old filly, Leelee (Doubly Positive) took over ambassador duties. 
Leelee and Laura, photo by Marcy Myers 

Laura writes: Leelee was a total ROCK STAR, especially having never seen so many people at once! I was thrilled that everyone liked her so much and kept asking to be taken into her field to get a closer look, take pictures and give her some loving.

It makes me so happy to see model horse shows being held in such a safe and wonderful manner. SouthCon has been on my hobby bucket list for a long time, and today it is my Friday Favorite!

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