Thursday, October 21, 2021

Breyer wish list

Breyer is absolutely crushing it these days.

The quality of their sculptures and finishwork has never been higher.
Who knew mass produced plastic horses could look like this?
That said, I am not an OF collector, at least not really. There are no Breyer horses on my Christmas wishlist this year. 
Instead, there are Breyer Pipers foxes...
and Breyer blankets.
Now, I suppose I will buy these with their models if I have to, but if anyone out these models without their add-ons, please hit me up. I am definitely in the market for all the little white dogs and pony blankets!


  1. Confound it, that's what I was going to say: I want the blanket a lot more than the pony...

  2. Awwwwww Jennifer--come on!!! We all know what you *really* need to do is - go over to your friend Lynn Isenbarger's blog and tell her what you don't collect!! Because--uh --REALLY??!! You *know* confession is "good for the soul"--right??
    Besides your friend Sue Bensama Young has done it! (ask her!) BTW, where's Theodore???!!!! (You didn't show that hunk in your lineup!!)
    Bwahahaha! By now, I hope you realize that I'm just ribbing you and *trying* to give you a hard time!(Don't mind me!) I don't collect anything but dust anyways!!
    That "Gingerbread " IS cute(and his blanket too!) Wish I had seen him *before * I had ordered "Solar Flare"! Oh well!

    1. I *used* to be an OF collector, and I am definitely still an OF accumulator. Trust me, there are a lot of Breyers here. I did buy Gingerbread solely for the blanket. The pony will be looking for a new home as soon as he gets here. All reasonable offers accepted.

  3. I actually want the pony and not the blanket. We can make this work!

    1. I will send the pony to you as soon as he gets here.