Thursday, May 13, 2021

Candyland Photo Show results

Its been a couple weeks since I received my results for Heather Malone's Candyland Photo Show. After so much time, they seem kind of irrelevant, but I enjoyed reading Anne's Candyland recap. Maybe someone will enjoy this one, too.

The Candyland Photo Show was the online version of Heather's wildly successful Candyland Live. Like its predecessor, this show's was all-workmanship in the halter divisions and all theme classes in the performance ring. I did really well at Candyland Live, and my strategy for this show was the same. Using a whole slew of performance horses, I entered every class and tried to make each entry count.
The first class was "Happy Trails." Theordore placed second place with his very happy arena trail entry, and Olivia was fourth.
"Barnstorming" was next. I entered two humorous barn scenes. Rat Bait's was good enough for second.  Jennibray placed fourth.
I bought this Pennywise doll specifically for this show. He made his first appearance in class number three, "Send in the Clowns." This entry placed first.
The fourth class was "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I had ideas, but didn't have the time or energy to make them happen. I entered a snail photo that sort of worked, but not really. This was my one shutout of the day. That's okay, I came back strong with a first and third in "Might As Well Jump."
"Do the Conga" was next. My Stoner herd won this one.
On to "Red Carpet!" Nejmet was third with her Arabian costume entry, and got Cookie got fourth.
Pennywise came back for his second appearance in "Cosplay Away." Once again, he was a winner. As a bonus, Snickers picked up third place honors.
I didn't have any great ideas for "Rocket League," so I used Jenni's broken doll picture. Good enough for fifth.
Class ten was "Family Portrait." I used one of my photos from last year's Shelter & Share Photo Challenge. It placed fifth.
I love ponies, so I should have done something amazing for "Pony Club." Instead, I used a photo of a live show entry. Somehow it placed second! Beep's Burger King photo was fifth.
Schutzengel was fourth in "Sparkle Motion,"
Navah Joe was first in "Rainbow Brite"...
And Dun Up Purdy was second in "Country Club."
The last class was "Animal Farm." I won this one with my George Orwell inspired entry.
All in all, I placed in fourteen of fifteen classes, with five firsts, four seconds, three thirds, three fourths and three fifths. It was a really good effort, but not a good strategy. Because all my placings were spread out among so many models, none had enough points to champ.
Anne Field's wonderful Mocha Latte picked up the division title (and Best In Show honors). Congratulations, Anne and Mocha!

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