Saturday, May 8, 2021

Birthday postscript

It's a crime to let perfectly good cake go to waste so I was determined to find someone who would eat Scarlett's rejected birthday cake. In the past, this would have been a job for Lucy. Since she's no longer available, Thunder was pressed into service.
Unlike Scarlett, he dove right in.
Thoughtful chewing.
What have you fed me?!
Sorry, Thunder.
I guess next year I'll bake cookies instead!


  1. Thunder, dear, don't be a carrot cake criminal. (Scarlett, you too.) Take care.

  2. Ahah look at this face! My Pinky was a Birthday girl last week. And I was looking for some horse treat ideas to wow my princess. Eventually, I found a cookie recipe here, hope you'll like it: My Pinky was chuffed to bits with such yummies :)