Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Blogging is hard

Anne Field has published a blog post every single day for more than a year. I don't know how she does it, and today she very nearly didn't. Somehow she powered through, and I rewarded her efforts with a cup of Ko-fi coffee. If there's one thing I know for sure it's this: blogging is hard.

I am usually a prolific blogger, but this month has been a struggle. My mood matches the weather, grey and uninspired.
Which isn't to say it's all bad. I've squeezed in several rides between the storms. Some were good,
some were bad...
but none seemed worthy of a blog post.
Similarly, the three dog life has had its ups and downs.
Mostly, though, we're just chugging along.
Which is not to say that I couldn't fill a dozen posts with pictures of this little girl. 
I could, but I'm not sure that anyone would want to read that.
Ironically, I have been making a lot of tack. My time has been split between an order I've been asked to keep under cover and BreyerFest sales tack that I'm not quite ready to debut. Eventually, there will be post about both, but in the meantime, it's a lot of work and no blog material.
Spoiler alert: There's at least one 4/20 halter and brownie set in the mix
Next week, Seth, Piper and I are driving to California to visit my mother. This could result in a whole rash of posts or another week of radio silence.
What can I say? Blogging is hard.


  1. Jennifer
    Even though I'm not part of your clique, I do throughly enjoy reading yours, Anne's, Lynn's , and Sue B. Young's and others blogs! I can't imagine that work you have to put into one! (I'd like to start my own -but I know I have nothing to say that would be of interest to anyone! **)

    Here's the thing -- You ladies are very inspiring in teaching others in how to make things (dolls, tack, haversacks) Lord help us if we ever had to compete against you in a "live" show (your photos ideas are fantastic!)
    And when you tell us about horseback rides and the events going on in your area, you give your readers a chance to live vicariously through you!!

    So I can imagine that doing this day in and day out would get tiresome after awhile(especially when you have your own "real" lives to attend to!)--so Why NOT take a breather from posting for awhile if you need to??
    Why not post once or twice a week? Or open it up to more guest posters as you have in the past? I know there's other ideas out there!! What LAW says that you ladies "have to" post daily?? If you don't feel like it, then *don't*!! Your readers will understand! I would much rather you feel a little enthused when you share your knowledge/experiences with the hobby--rather than one day, you post and say "you know guys--I'm done!! I'm closing down my blog"!! THAT would be a TRUE loss to everyone who "knows" you!! So think hard--and if ya need to take a "breather"--DO SO!! Your readers will still be here when you come back!!

    1. I think this month has been my breather.

      I can't speak for anyone else, but blogging works best for me when it's part of the daily routine. I can skip days here and there, and that's fine. When I skip weeks, that's a different matter. I'm just not set up to be an occasional writer.

      Also, I'm *always* open to guest posts. It's just hard to get people to write them. Blogging is hard.

    2. Hey Jennifer,
      I would be happy to write you a guest post if you have a topic that you would like covered. A photo tour of a NZ stabes (very different to what you find overseas from what I have heard)?

  2. no objection to a post filled of piper photos here.

    1. She's attending her first hobby outing on Thursday, so Friday's post will probably be full of Piper.

  3. That’s totally understandable. I find it difficult to post monthly, let alone daily. I absolutely appreciate the sacrifice that takes, and I’ve found your blog very informative and helpful and understand that it’s a labor-of-love resource