Monday, April 12, 2021

Couple more

Here are a couple more recent photo show entries. The first was taken for the Candyland Photo Show's "Animal Farm" class. I had so much fun putting this one together. I really love my 1:9 scale farm!

The next picture was taken for Danielle Feldman's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show.
This show's class list consists of a regular performance division, a limited halter division and a "Creativity Challenge." One of the challenge classes is called "Raining Cats and Dogs." Of course, I decided that was a typo. Clearly, she meant "Reining Cats and Dogs."
I won this Breyer collie in a raffle at the Willow Tree Live Show in Grand Junction in 2017. I had no idea what to do with a dog this big, so I stuck her on a bookshelf, where she's been gathering dust ever since. It just goes to show, if you wait long enough, everything becomes useful eventually!


  1. Okay, your Reining cats and dogs entry is BRILLIANT!!!!

    1. I laughed the whole time I was setting that one up. I couldn't believe I was able to make the boots fit her!