Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dog dolls

Piper was extremely anxious when she arrived at our house. She spent the first two days following me wherever I went. She didn't lay down. She barely even sat.
As she became more comfortable, she started napping. A little at first, then a lot. 
Once she'd caught up on her sleep, Hyper Piper made an appearance.
There was carnage.
This is not unprecedented. Back in the day, Baby Abbie chewed up a friend's brand new Sue Rowe saddle.
More recently, a young Darcy turned a Breyer doll into a quadruple amputee.
Abbie's violation was expensive, but - with an assist from Anne Field - Darcy helped make a pretty fun doll.
Anne has kindly offered to clean up Piper's mess as well, but first I have a few pictures to take...
Who knew a multi-piece doll could be so fun? You get a pass this time, Piper. Now don't do that again.


  1. *Hah!* You'd let a drunk mule jump over ya--but you think this is *bad*???!!!
    (snicker) I can *guarantee* you that you would felt it if that mule had kicked you (or worse!) At least the discomboobalated doll(I probably didn't'spell that right!) doesn't feel anything anymore!