Sunday, April 18, 2021

Last minute photos

Friday was the last day to enter Heather Malone's Candyland Photo Show.
The performance class list was very interpretive, and I struggled with ideas for some of the classes. Still, I was determined. While I'm not in love with all of my entries, I did manage to achieve my goal of entering every one of the fifteen classes.
"Red Carpet"
Here's one I actually do love. This is "Do the Conga."
There are larger and more impressive congas to be be sure, but I couldn't be more pleased with this entry. It's a conga, but also an actual performance scene, and all my old ISHes look so beautiful together. I'm really glad this picture exists. Thank you, Heather, for another fun and inspiring show!


  1. Fantastic!! and the tack is beautiful too. :)

  2. I loved seeing your creativity in response to all the class prompts!