Sunday, April 11, 2021

The rest of the week

So it hasn't quite been all dogs, all the time this week. In addition to a lot of boring things like going to the grocery store and cleaning, I did make time to ride Guaranteed, whose owner is recovering from surgery.

On the hobby front, I am slow but surely making Quintus medallions and mailing NaMoPaiMo prizes.
I am also slowly and painfully prepping Myrtle the pinhole pony.
Finally, slowly and sporadically I am taking and uploading photos for Heather Malone's Candyland Photo Show...
and Anne Field's Field of Dolls Online Show.
I had kind of given up on the latter until Daphne Headley made this post on the show's Facebook page.
There's nothing like being publicly called out to get my competitive juices flowing!
Here are two of the new photos. This first one was specifically taken for the "Barnstorming" class at Candyland, but I also entered it in the Field of Dolls "Bad Behavior" class.
Similarly, this summer barn party gone wild works for both "Summer Fun" and "Might As Well Jump."
Today marks the last day of Piper's first week as a Buxton. It's been a great seven days, and I am looking forward to an ever better - and more productive - week two.

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  1. Steady with the bottles there, girls. You don't want to splash im.