Monday, April 19, 2021

Mountain trail obstacle at Bolender Horse Park

In 2018, Logan Shortridge wrote a guest post about the National Mountain Trail Championships, which are held each fall at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, Oregon. Today she's back with pictures of some of the obstacles at Mark Bolender's Bolender Horse Park in Silver Creek, Washington, where she is working as an intern. Thank you, Logan. I can't wait to see where you go next!

Mountain Trail Obstacles at Bolender Horse Park

by Logan Shortridge

A while ago I wrote a guest post showing off the mountain trail obstacles at Oregon Horse Center. Today I am writing a follow up to inspire my performance showing friends to be more creative with their trail entries. Model horse trail classes are often dominated by standing or walking models and basic arena obstacles such as poles and gates, but with mountain trail courses like those at Bolender Horse Park, we can use do so much more!
Want to show your Northern Tempest? Mountain trail! Itching to use O'Leary's Irish Diamond in a set up? Mountain trail!
Mountain trail goes so far beyond a typical arena trail class. From haunch turns on the swinging bridge to dismounting your horse onto a rock in the middle of a pond. If you can think it, it can be done.  
Horses are expected to walk, trot, and "cantalope" through the course, back up, go up and down hills, stop on a dime, and make it look effortless. 
And for my prop making friends? If you've ever wanted a fountain in your trail set up, there are three on course! 
Bridges, angled balance beams, rock mazes, and so much more! 
Want to try to build a cake box? 
A Texas two-step? How about the pinwheel? This is your opportunity to go crazy.  
If you needed inspiration to build something new, or use your favorite model in performance I hope this post could help! And if you want pictures of any of the obstacles to build let me know and I will happily take more pictures of the course!

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