Sunday, April 18, 2021

We're not there yet

I haven't been to a live show in more than a year, and I miss it so much.
Online photo shows have helped fill in the gaps, at least as far as competition goes. 
Still, there's so much more to live showing than model horses and ribbons.
I miss traveling to shows - the long and short drives, through beautiful mountains and endless cornfields. I miss airplanes and hotels.
I miss big group pre and post-show restaurant meals, where everyone is squashed together because we've added too many extra chairs to the table.
I miss the bonus events that come with destination shows - the shopping, hiking, riding, museums, barn tours... all of it!
More than anything, I miss my friends and fellow hobbyists. Truly, I can not wait until we can safely get back to live showing.
But let me tell you: We're not there yet. 
We're getting there.
I am cautiously optimistic that fall shows could be a thing.
But right now, it's still not safe. 
Unfortunately, shows have started happening again. This weekend there was a big two day show in Florida, and despite a lengthy Covid protocol on the website, photos posted publically on Facebook revealed few masks and little to no social distancing. This isn't surprising. As my friend, Sarah Townsend, says: There’s no way a model horse show will ever be safe. Not really. They’re too long and require too much movement back and forth. People are going to stick their pen in their mouth and pull tags out of pockets. They’re going to forget rules and eat while walking. Someone will start crying and someone else will hug them. They’re going to bend over to load a performance entry and bump butts with the person behind them. It's just impossible.
No social distancing at the 2019 Jennifer Show
I want to show as much as anyone, but unless and until the CDC says that kind of gathering is safe, and show holders require all entrants to be vaccinated, I will be staying home. For all of our sakes, I hope you will consider doing the same. 


  1. I miss in-person showing, but I'm staying home until this is over. Maybe, as you say, fall shows will be a thing.

  2. So what about the packed Walmart, Lowes, Sam's Clubs? What about all the other places folks are at? Including restaurants, grocery stores, amusement parks?
    Sorry, but shaming people is really uncalled for. The model horse showers are NOT going to be the downfall of America. So tired of the judgemental mentality of this hobby.
    I know MANY who worry about this stupid mob mentality of the hobby who think they can judge others, but there are many others that no longer care.
    How about mind your own business and quit telling folks what they can or can't do.

    1. Do you really think that going to a grocery store and going to a model horse show are the same level of importance?

    2. Groceries are a necessity. Home repairs are a necessity.

      People need to eat and restaurants aren't really the best place to go if you're going to eat there but most restaurants do a good job of distancing tables.

      Amusement parks are not a necessity, but at least are outside where there is circulating fresh air. They are also making people mask. So are the majority of those other public places.

      Model horse showing is not a necessity. Most shows are held in small and/or old buildings with shitty HVAC systems that don't have proper filtration. Most people also do not abide by mask rules (as evidence by so many pictures from recently live shows that are online).

      I have every right to judge and shame people who are doing things that put other needlessly at risk. Would you shame someone who drives drunk? I sure hope so. This is no different.

      No one is telling you you can't go to a live show. You have every right to go to a show and I have every right to think it's stupid and judge you negatively for it. 🙃

    3. It's attitudes like this that are the reason why we're not out of the woods with this pandemic yet. The intention of this post wasn't really to shame anyone, simply to point out that the risks of COVID-19 still outweigh any benefits of going to shows. If you feel plastic horses are worth the risk, by all means, go ahead and show. I, and most others, won't stop you. As for restaurants and amusement parks, well, maybe they shouldn't be open either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just my two cents.

    4. Stop with the false equivalencies. No one spends all day from 8am-5pm at Walmart or the gym or wherever with no mask on in an enclosed space with 20 other unmasked people. This behavior is *exactly* why we're still stuck in this pandemic.

    5. Same old song and dance from another denier. Get over yourself. If you're in Sam's Club shopping for 8 hours something is wrong.

  3. I found myself twice in your people collage. I can only consider this a high compliment. :) Miss you too!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The fact that I maybe saw 3 masks total in all the photos of the Florida shows was concerning. I miss live showing so much, but it in no way, shape, or form is a necessity during a pandemic. I'm more than happy with photo showing until we can get back to live showing safely.

  5. I think the biggest problem we're at right now is that the entire country is not in same place with restrictions and rules and this therefore changes people's outlooks and opinions on this pandemic.
    You have states that have cancelled their mask mandate and don't have restrictions on gathering sizes. So those areas people are scheduling and hosting things and people go on with life as usual because their area is pretty much saying, hey this isn't a big deal anymore. And then you have other areas like in Massachusetts where I live, where masks are still required everywhere and there are still major gathering limits. I think it's 50 indoor and 100 outdoor for wedding venues and way smaller for households. And places like concerts venues and Fenway have 12% capacity limits here. That the story of hey we're not or if the woods yet but things are getting better than they were last year.
    So that huge difference in between what states are doing or not doing causes this big rift in the hobby and in life how people see this virus and pandemic as a whole.

    My husband and I have been doing more but we aren't even close to normal. We've had our first shots of Pfizer but we feel that doesn't make us invincible and able to do what we want. We have a 13 month old and so we are more cautious than others.