Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sweet Onion SheNANigans

Two of the photo shows in which I'm currently entered are being judged this week. The Field of Dolls show is hosted on SmugMug, so we won't know the results until Anne announces them on Saturday.
The other show - Candyland Photo Show - is being held on PonyBytes.
One of my favorite things about PonyBytes is that entrants get to see the results in real time. I've been logging onto the site several times a day to see how my horses are doing. So far, so good!
Here's a show I entered recently where my horses didn't fare so well, at least not in the standard performance classes.
I'm not complaining. The competition was tough, and sometimes the judge just likes other people's entries better. Congratulations, Danielle!
I did do really well in the fun classes, and Rune was the Overall Resin Champion.
Here's my loot.
Thank you for a fun show, Shana Bobbitt! Now excuse me while I go refresh PonyBytes!

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