Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Team project

Seven years ago, a much younger Darcy "customized" one of my Breyer dolls.
I posted pictures of her work, and lots of people suggested that I turn the doll into a paralympic rider. I thought about it, but that seemed like a lot of work. Eventually, I tossed her into a body box and forgot about her.
Several years later, I had an idea for a performance entry that included a doll with a broken leg. I dug up the doll and gave her two new feet - one in a boot, and one in a cast. I rebuilt her arms, but got stuck when it came to the hands. Eventually, she went back in the body box.
Earlier this year, Zica announced that they were discontinuing the Yvonne doll. I bought a couple, and she came with extra hands. Just like that, my doll project was back in business.
Except...  the clothes. I was able to salvage the Breyer breeches, but she really needed a new shirt. I thought I could make her a sweater from a sock using My Froggy Stuff's video tutorial. It kind of worked.
As luck would have it, Anne Field messaged me while I was working on the sweater. I told her what was doing.

"Why are you working on a doll?" she asked. "That’s my job.?"

"Well. I'm cheap" I said. "Plus, I feel like I should be able to make one stupid, little sweater."

"I like trading," Anne reminded me.

I looked at my poor little sweater again, and decided that Anne was right. This really is her job.

My broken leg doll came home today. Darcy inspected her and deemed her acceptable.
I still need to shorten (and find) her crutches, but she will make her performance debut at Battle of the Breeds.
Not on this horse.
I always say it takes a village to show performance. In this case, my village consists of Darcy and Anne. 
Thanks, ladies. I couldn't do it without you!


  1. I'm really looking forward to pics of the performance entry!

  2. You always have the best performance set ups! This will be awesome

  3. That rider doll has some mad farmer’s tan going on. :D

    1. After seven years in the body box, she's delighted to have hands no matter what color they are!


  4. OMG! Is she going to be showing a pony who is "For Sale. Good with kids"? I love those costumes.