Thursday, May 21, 2020

Whisker tango foxtrot

It finally happened. After forty nine days and seventy nine photos, I just... ran out of ideas. Specifically, I ran out of ideas about whiskers, which are something most model horses lack.
I didn't give up easily. In fact, I made several attempts to satisfy the "Whisker Wednesday" prompt. First I got out my riding Santa and tried to create a scene with a horse tugging playfully on his beard. It didn't work. Then I took Anne's suggestion and tried to build a set up around a 1:9 scale whisk. That didn't work either.
So I switched gears and called Darcy into the room.
She has one rogue whisker that grows in a different direction than all the others. I thought maybe I could work with that.
Darcy had other ideas. For some reason, she decided sitting in front of the white backdrop was torture, and she looked miserable in all the pictures.
I think this is when I decided to admit defeat. Poor Darcy!
"It's not big deal," I told myself. "Some things just aren't meant to be."

And I was fine with that. 

No really. I was fine.


After today's ride, I felt compelled to make one last attempt at Whisker Wednesday Thursday. Stealth met me at the gate.
He posed nicely for the camera. 
Then he showed me his whiskers!
Good boy, Stealth.
And just like that, I'm back in business!


  1. Yay Stealth! What a hero you have there!

  2. I actually like how this turned out as it looks like he's smiling for you in addition to showing off his whiskers!