Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Groundsquirrel day

Since the stay at home order went into effect, every day has been more or less the same. Same house, same people, same dogs, same squirrels.
Probably Todd
Still, some days are better than others. Yesterday, I got wrapped up in a project, and the hours flew by. Today, has been really, really, really long. I haven't accomplished anything. I'm crabby, bored and completely exhausted. It's a good thing I'd already taken the picture for the May Shelter & Share Photo Challenge, because otherwise, it probably wouldn't have happened.
I know tomorrow will be more of the same, but maybe - hopefully - it will also be better.


  1. Love the purchases. Hobby Lobby is closed and I can't get anymore asphalt shingles for my bands roof, so is half done.