Monday, May 18, 2020

It's all relative

If you were to ask my kids about their artist talent, they would tell you they have none.

I don't buy it.
Ryan with his self portrait at the Overland High School Art Show, 2014
While it's true that some of their early efforts left a bit to be desired...
James' saddle
I will always believe the talent is there, should they ever choose to tap into it.
date night paintings with Maya, James' is on the left
In Ryan's case, the art will undoubtedly be digital. 
He was born doing this
My studio is filled with his 3D printed creations.
Today's prompt for the May Shelter & Share Photo Challenge is "Favorite craft item made by a relative." 
Thank you for everything you have ever contributed to my 1:9 scale world, Ryan and James. You are both more talented than you think.


  1. What lucky boys, to have such a mother.

  2. I come from a family of artists, but my younger brother insists that he's not an artist because he doesn't do the typical art stuff. We keep telling him that he is an artist - just a different kind (he's a carpenter who builds and remodels houses).