Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Graduation day

Two years and two days ago, Ryan received his high school diploma during a traditional American graduation ceremony.
James was supposed to do the same on Friday.
Then the pandemic happened.
So instead of a big, formal, indoor graduation on Friday, James got a car parade graduation on Tuesday.
This morning, Ryan and I decorated his little Beetle.
The whole family piled in, and we headed out!
Masks off!
Masks on!
 We arrived at the high school...
and joined the long line of decorated cars.
A balloon arch welcomed us onto campus.
We went through the business line first.
James got his yearbook,
 his class shirt...
and his diploma.
He got out of the car for a socially distanced photo with the principal.
Then it was on to the parade!
Faculty members cheered the graduates as they drove by.
There was lots of horn honking and noise making.
It was festive and surprisingly fun.
After the parade, we went home and James opened his graduation cards.
Tonight, we'll get takeout from James' favorite restaurant, and we'll eat outside with his girlfriend, Maya. It hasn't been a traditional graduation day, but it's been a good one, nonetheless. Congratulations to the Class of 2020. You guys rock!


  1. My high school diploma looked a lot like the one James got. I wasn't aware that they all had basically the same design!

  2. Probably this graduation was a lot more fun, and more memorable for its (we hope!) rarity than the regular version - fry in the sun and listen to same old same old speeches. Congrats to James!

  3. The picture with the balloon, classic! Congrats James!